Pennington Neuro Rehab and Wellness Center

Flagler acquired the former Mercer Insurance Building and turns it into a Neuro, Rehab and Wellness Center.

The asset was acquired in 2019 and is being re-developed by Flagler to become the NJ home of the Global Neurosciences Institute. The Asset is also anchored by Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.


Flagler acquires Bethesda Health City, Florida’s largest “medical mall” with 133,000 sqf and develop an additional 36,000 sqf.

Flagler in partnership with OCPBC acquired the JFK Medical Center.

Flagler structured the sale-and-lease-back of 17 condo units through direct negotiations with the 17 condo owners. This 52,157 sqf MOB is a primary care hub with a convenient drive-through pharmacy on the ground floor.