Bakersfield Heart Hospital 3-MOB Portfolio in Bakersfield, California

Flagler acquires the Bakersfield MOB Portfolio consisting of 3 assets located adjacent to one of the most renowned cardiovascular specialty hospitals in the US,  Bakersfield Heart Hospital (BHH). The assets are 100% occupied, mainly by Bakersfield Heart Hospital and its affiliate Centric Health with an emphasis on cardiologic care while offering endocrine care as well as providing imaging, diagnostic, and pharmacy services for Kern County residents. BHH has consistently been ranked within the top 10 percent in the US for cardiac care  as well as in the top ten percent in the state of California for interventional coronary care.


Flagler in partnership with the physicians leading the operation, acquires the South Texas Surgical Hospital

Flagler acquires Bethesda Health City, Florida’s largest “medical mall” with 133,000 sqf and develop an additional 36,000 sqf.

Flagler in partnership with OCPBC acquired the JFK Medical Center.